IT: Three things to do before the holidays

After a busy year, you’re no doubt looking forward to a lovely sunny summer on the beach, chilling out before the new academic year.

However, there’s a few things you might like to get done before you go which will make your life so much easier when you get back.

1. Change your password. Your password is set to automatically expire once every six months – so there’s a good chance that it’ll stop working during the three month summer break. Avoid the frustration of being unable to log in come September by resetting it now!

OK, you might have forgotten it by then anyway – but it’s much easier to reset a forgotten password than an expired one. Especially if you’ve signed up with our Self-service Password Reset facility.

2. Order your printed course materials. June – November is Print Services’ busiest time, handling more than 4 million pages of printed materials, so make sure you’re at the top of the queue. Everything you need to know is right here.

3. Tidy your mailbox. Declutter your Outlook by deleting all those un-wanted messages and emptying your Deleted Items folder. Then, why not check out a few easy tips on how to keep it tidy in the future?

So bon voyage and we’ll see you in the new academic year! While you’re away, why not keep an eye on what else we’re up to via Twitter @MMU_IT?