Paper payslips to be ended in August

THE University continues to invest significant time and resources developing the HR and Payroll systems in order that employees can have wider access and control over their personal information and to reduce the overhead incurred.

It was agreed some time ago that the University would cease to print paper payslips and begin to issue electronic payslips to those staff who have access to the myHR portal. We can now confirm that paper payslips will cease to be printed for the majority of staff after August 2016.

The majority of staff are already able to view their e-Payslips and have access to computers in the workplace. We realise that there will continue to be a proportion of staff, particularly academic sessional and casual staff, who do not have access to myHR; they will continue to receive paper copies. There are also issues with domestic and catering staff who do not have ready access to computers in the workplace and, certainly for the time being, they too will continue to receive paper payslips. There are also a number of staff with multiple contracts who will continue to receive paper payslips for now due to technical reasons. This leaves somewhere in the region of 3000 staff, mainly support and academic staff, for whom we are currently both printing a paper payslip and providing an e-Payslip. The paper payslips will cease to be issued to this group after August (i.e. the August payroll will be the last one to be accompanied by a paper payslip).

In order to prepare staff and assist with any concerns they may have, we have developed a set of Frequently Asked Questions, a hard copy of which can be provided by the Payroll department by telephoning extension 2948. Any other queries associated with this announcement should also be directed to this number.