Five Minutes With…James Rothwell

JamesName, role and department:
James Rothwell, Study Abroad and Exchanges Manager, International Office

How long have you been at Manchester Met:
27 months. But it feels longer. In a good way.

Favourite thing about the University:
Our building has a lot of glass. I can look out the window at a tree whenever I want.

A typical working day:
Most days are the same. In the morning, I try to get my emails down but this often lasts until 3pm. I spend the remaining 105 minutes of the day progressing Big Ticket Items such as building an online unit database and selection platform.

What is your ideal weekend:
Wake up clear of anxiety, play Metal Gear Solid, go for a drive and a walk, eat a burger, read a politically balanced selection of news, eat my wife’s homemade pizza.

Interesting fact about you:
I lived in Japan for five years teaching English. I did some modelling for clothing websites and fashion shows while I was there. Unfortunately, I do not have any links to show off.

What are you reading, watching or listening to at the moment:
I am on my seventh annual reading of American Psycho. This is how I reflect on human nature.

Favourite place in the region:
Castleton in the Peak District (weather permitting).

Person you would most like to meet- past or present:
I would like to meet myself. Sometimes I am not sure what I really believe and meeting myself seems the best way to find out.

What items would you take on a desert island and why:
Sharp objects, a net, tarp, rope and the October 2004 issue of British GQ. To survive and have solid grooming advice.