Making IT Easier in June and July 2016

The IT Training team have a broad catalogue of training available over the June and July period.





20/06/2016 Find your Strengths Brooks, BR3.03 9:30-11:00
20/06/2016 Working away from your desk Brooks, BR2.02 2:00-3:00
21/06/2016 NEW COURSE: Report Writing Library, L408 11:00-12:30
22/06/2016 Clean up your Outlook Sandra Burslem 3.08 10:00-11:00
22/06/2016 Personalising mass communications Library, L408 2:00-3:00
23/06/2016 OneNote: using a digital notebook Library, L408 11:00-12:00
23/06/2016 Working away from your desk Business School, BS3.18 3:00-4:30
24/06/2016 Creating Interactive Resources Library, L408 10:30-12:00
24/06/2016 Find your Strengths Business School. BS3.03 3:00-4:00
27/06/2016 Clean up your Outlook Library, L408 9:30-10:30
27/06/2016 NEW COURSE: Effective use of PowerPoint Library, L408 1:30-3:00
28/06/2016 Creating Interactive Resources Library, L408 10:00-11:30
28/06/2016 Interactive resources drop-in workshop Library, L408 11:30-1:00
28/06/2016 Working away from your desk Library, L408 3:00-4:30
29/06/2016 OneNote: Using a Digital Notebook Manton, Lab 120 10:00-11:00
30/06/2016 Making sense of large data sets Library, L408 2:00-3:30


01/07/2016 Displaying data graphically Library, L408 10:00-11:30
04/07/2016 Clean up your Outlook JD East, 244 2:00-3:00
05/07/2016 Writing Reports Library, L408 10:00-11:30
12/07/2016 NEW COURSE: Tablets at Manchester Met Manton GM334 11:00-12:30
13/07/2016 Clean up your Outlook Brooks, BR3.02 10:00-11:00
18/07/2016 So you’ve put some numbers in a spreadsheet Library, L408 11:00-12:30
19/07/2016 Tablets at Manchester Met Library, L408 10:00-11:00
19/07/2016 Find your strengths Library, L408 3:00-4:00
20/07/2016 Personalising Mass Communications Library, L408 10:00-11:00
20/07/2016 Displaying Data Graphically Library, L408 2:00-3:00
21/07/2016 OneNote: Using a digital notebook Library, L408 11:00-12:00
25/07/2016 Writing Reports Library, L408 3:00-4:30
26/07/2016 Find your strengths Sandra Burslem 3.02 9:30-10:30

You can book onto any of these sessions via MyHR, or you can email the training team to reserve a place.

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