An update from Guatemala

DR ANDREW Stevenson and Dr Jeremy Oldfield, from the Department of Psychology, are currently in Guatemala where they are exploring resilience and place attachment amongst a population of Street Connected Young People (SCYP) who are all in some way connected with La Terminal here in Guatemala City.

They have sent an update from La Terminal:

“La Terminal occupies a large area of Guatemala City and can be a workplace, a home, a learning environment and a meeting place for many Guatemalan adults and children, as @jessshepherd1 reported here in the Guardian in 2011:

“La Terminal can be a violent place too, both for visitors and residents. Home to a city dump, a marketplace and housing, La Terminal is a sprawling city within a city.  The children who live and work here have been telling us about their relationships with La Terminal through participatory drawing and photography, questionnaires, interviews and film.

“The aim of our research is three-fold; first, to highlight the experiences of a group of participants who are rarely included in psychological research; second, to use visual methods, including film, to enable us to hear the stories and voices of SCYP; thirdly, to explore promote the work of several voluntary and charitable organisations who offer educational support for SCYP around La Terminal.”