Five Minutes With…Shyamenda Nathan Purslow

IMG_0267Name, role and department:
Shyamenda Nathan Purslow, Post-Graduate Teaching Assistant, Management Department

How long have you been at Manchester Met:
I started as an Undergraduate student in 2007, then as a member of staff in 2012, and am currently both. With one year away.

Favourite thing about the University:
Amazing people work here and they (continue to) have had a profound effect on my life.

A typical working day:
Non typically the same but the average routine starts with reading as soon as I wake up and an early training session before heading to the office. Then e-mails and checking my calendar and journal for the activities planned. Most of the days have been spent reading for my assignments (almost done) and research, chatting with some of my friends/colleagues/students/networks, and more responding to e-mails. I am starting to do more writing now.

What is your ideal weekend:
An ideal weekend would be spent with family, most of whom are about an hour and a half away on the train. I have a big family and a lot of nieces and nephews who are a major joy to be with! Ending by chatting the rest of the day away/being silly with my dad and brothers and enjoying a barbeque (or anything food related) never gets old. Then my Sundays are typically for catching up with friends based further afield and having some me time, followed by cooking (and ironing), and working with my research.

Interesting fact about you:
I played for the Zambian Under 18s rugby team.

What are you reading, watching or listening to at the moment:
A book with five short works by James Allen (just finished ‘Mastery of destiny’ two more to go) mainly first thing in the morning, ‘Good leaders ask great questions’ by John C Maxwell and ‘My Autobiography’ by Sir Alan Sugar before bed.

Favourite place in the region:
The Peak District, sadly I’ve not explored too much of the region as I keep busy.

Person you would most like to meet- past or present:
I used to have a huge list a while ago, recently this would be my mom. She passed when I was young and I think she would be fascinating to meet now.

What items would you take on a desert island and why:
I would probably take some chickens for food and company, and probably a Swiss army knife or some tools.

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