Successful launch of accommodation system

Our new student accommodation system went live in March 2016. The successful launch of the system is the culmination of a combined effort by colleagues in Student Living, LRT, FLS and ITS, with project management provided by the Business Improvement Team.

The new system has delivered a step-change in approach, with students able to ‘self-select’ their own rooms – airline seat style! This has improved the student’s experience of the accommodation application system, and replaces the previous process of staff manually placing students into bedrooms via the old accommodation system.

The teams had a very positive response from students completing feedback questionnaires for the new system, and statistics for registrations of interest in MMU accommodation and room bookings to date are in line with expectations.

Another significant improvement delivered by the new system is the ability to process applications throughout the year. Returning students and new students who have UF offers prior to the August results period can access the system and select their room much earlier – from March onwards. These students were manually booked into rooms from July onwards on the old system. Early availability of online room booking reduces pressure on the system and on staff in Student Living and Student Billings during the busy July – August period.

Other key improvements benefitting students include:

  • Personalised automated emails sent out at each stage of the process to acknowledge a student’s particular circumstances (e.g. whether they have a disability or are a care leaver)
  • The ability for students to request cancellation online of their registration of interest or room booking
  • A reduction in the number of emails sent to students over the course of their application, by splitting the process into three clearly defined stages and sending a personal response after each stage is completed.

If you would like to take a look at the student facing side of the system, please visit the Manchester Met accommodation pages and click on the YouTube videos.

If you have any queries about the new system please contact Patricia Booth