Helping increase crowd safety in the USA

THE expertise of a professor from Hollings has been called on to increase crowd safety in the USA.

Professor Keith Still’s seminal book, An Introduction to Crowd Science, was the reference point for officials from the city of Tempe, Arizona, who were writing guidance for crowd safety at public events taking place in the city.

Recommendations taken from Professor Still’s book were taken up by special events, fire prevention and police safety personal.

Professor Still said: “Since the publication of “Introduction to Crowd Science, we are seeing an increased awareness of how crowd related accidents and incident occur and a greater emphasis on crowd safety planning.”

Professor Still’s expertise has previously been called on for international events such as the Sydney, Beijing and London Olympics, by the crowd management planning team for the UK Royal Wedding  and by the Saudi authorities on the design and management of the New Jamarat Bridge.

The University’s MSc in Crowd Safety and Risk Analysis is the only course of its kind in the UK.