UK Quality Mark for Manchester Metropolitan

THE Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) has confirmed the quality and standards of provision at Manchester Metropolitan University following its review in April 2016.

A team of QAA reviewers visited Manchester Metropolitan University and judged that its academic standards, the quality and enhancement of its student learning opportunities, and the quality of information about its learning opportunities all meet UK expectations.

The review identified a number of examples of good practice. These include:

• The variety of approaches promoting employability, which underpins students’ professional development

• The comprehensive range of high quality information available to students prior to enrolment that effectively supports their transition through the recruitment, selection and admission processes.

Quality assurance

The review also highlighted the integrated range of services provided by the University to support successful student development and achievement as a feature of good practice. It also made a number of recommendations.

Professor Karen Moore, Registrar, said: “We are very pleased with the positive outcome of the recent QAA Higher Education Review, which has reaffirmed the quality of academic standards and student learning opportunities at Manchester Metropolitan University. We are particularly pleased with the recognition of good practice in student employability, the integrated services that support successful student development and achievement, and our enhancement activities that incrementally improve student-learning opportunities.”

QAA’s Higher Education Reviews are carried out by experts from other universities and colleges. Every review team includes a student reviewer, because QAA believes that students should be partners in the quality assurance of their education.

The team that reviewed Manchester Metropolitan University comprised Professor Alan Bilsborough (University of Durham), Dr Frank Haddleton (University of Hertfordshire), Barbara Howell (Coventry University), Mark Langley (Bath Spa University) and Natalie-Dawn Hodgson (student reviewer, University of Northumbria at Newcastle).

A successful review means that the University can display the QAA Quality Mark, indicating to UK and international students that it meets national requirements for standards and quality