New insights into students’ career thinking

As part of a new Careers & Employability Service initiative for 2016, all Manchester Met students will now be asked to answer two questions about their career thinking and work experience as part of the enrolment process.

From their responses, students will be provided with tailored careers information and advice throughout the year.

Response data will also be made available to Careers and faculty staff to enable the personalisation of careers and employability support. This may include contacting students directly with opportunities, use by Careers Consultants and personal tutors in 1-2-1 discussions with students, and the development of tailored course sessions or activities based on students’ responses.

The University will start to gather this data when online enrolment starts next week. Institution, department and individual student response data is likely to be available for staff mid-autumn term; providing a richer picture of the employability development and progression of current students, and greater understanding of the knowledge and skills students think they need to achieve their career goals.

Students will complete these questions every year during enrolment, allowing us to follow their student journey and tailor our communications and support to meet their needs as their career thinking and work experience develops.

To find out more about the questions and how the response data has been used by other universities, please contact Katie Bennett, Information and Communication Manager in the Careers & Employability Service at