MANCHESTER Met is an official partner of The Conversation website – a fantastic and high-profile media outlet for academics to provide news analysis and commentary.

The Conversation is an increasingly invaluable resource among the global university community and Manchester Met has joined this select group. It is a collaboration between editors and academics to provide informed news analysis and commentary that is free to read and republish. As a partner, the University will have greater opportunities and daily requests for expert analysis via the Press Office.

Academics from the University have already been involved and benefited from featuring on The Conversation, with articles being republished in other languages and a range of publications including The Independent and The Huffington Post.

This July, the articles by Manchester Met academics on The Conversation were:

Star Trek’s version of time travel is more realistic than most sci fi
by Lloyd Strickland, Reader in Philosophy
A philosophical assessment of the latest Star Trek films demonstrates their sophistication.

Engineered bacteria are helping us add memory to living computers
by Martyn Amos, Professor of Novel Computation
New research shows how adding memory to bacterial circuits could help us harness their computing power.

The media, serial killers, and a perfect summer novel about both
by Martin King, Principal Lecturer of Social Care and Social Work
Two sociologists recommend their favourite thriller for your summer reading.

Snooping, policing, immigration and drugs: Theresa May’s controversial Home Office legacy
by Nick Davis, Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Theresa May has been the longest-serving home secretary since the 19th century, but her tenure is distinctive for other reasons, too.

How you can get involved

Interested academics may be contacted by the Press Office with a daily expert request. Alternatively, if you have an idea or are aware of a topic or issue that is likely to feature in the news agenda, you can contact the Press Office or pitch directly to The Conversation:

Send article ideas at any time to The Conversation, either direct via e-mail to an editor or using the pitch function on the site. Please contact the Press Office and relevant Conversation section editor about new or near-completed research, so they can follow up for potential articles and with relevant photos, video or multimedia for potential inclusion in articles.

You can download The Conversation Authors Guide here: Author Guide 2016 or speak to the Press Office: Chris Morris x2184, Kat Dibbits x5278 or Maryam Ahmed x2181.