Can you help with diabetes research?

RESEARCHERS from Manchester Metropolitan University are studying whether people with muscular dystrophy are potentially at risk of impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes.

Prof Neil Reeves, Dr Chris Morse and Dr Gladys Onambele-Pearson are carrying out the study to understand whether the marked reduction in muscle mass seen in people with muscular dystrophy also leaves them at risk of having impaired glucose tolerance and a heightened risk of diabetes.

The team are currently looking for people who do not have diabetes or muscular dystrophy to be involved as controls.

They are looking for men aged between 20 and 55 to get involved, and in return participants will receive feedback on their blood glucose levels.

Prof Reeves said that this was an important initial study to understand how a low muscle mass may influence glucose control, which in addition to muscular dystrophy may also have implications for a range of conditions including ageing. Recruiting participants to act as a control group is an important part of any research, and we are always grateful to anyone who can take part and help in this way.

Anyone interested in taking part can contact researcher Sushma Pabbineedi on