Catering Team undertake diet challenge

The Catering Team


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The Catering Team have decided to take on a challenge and raise awareness of food allergies and intolerances across the University. 24 members of staff from Facilities are giving up one of the 14 main allergens from their diet for a whole month.

It is difficult for students with allergies and intolerances to find a suitable varied diet when they are living away from home.

To help raise awareness by eliminating at least one of the main allergens, they will then be able to appreciate the difficulties that allergy sufferers face on a daily basis. The team will be publishing regular updates of their challenges through a series of blog posts.

Please support the team and help them raise money for Allergy UK, who provide support to people living with allergies. You can donate through the team’s Just Giving page.

Head of Catering, Jacqui McPeake, came up with the idea after attending a seminar on food allergies and intolerance: “Our team has received training in this area and follow procedures when preparing recipes and providing information to our customers; however I was struck by a sentence from the speaker who said that the most dangerous time for a young person with allergies or food intolerance is the first few weeks at University.”

Jacqui found volunteers from her team and colleagues from Facilities, and will also be providing information for students during Fresher’s Week, as well as updating signage across all units for students to feel confident to ask staff about allergens when ordering their food.

Jacqui has been delighted with the level of interest this campaign has generated; a paediatric allergy doctor from Guy’s Hospital has contacted Jacqui and has commented, “I believe in what you are doing to help improve the quality of life and safety for all with food allergies and intolerances”.

Please help the team with their fundraising!