Changes to the University’s committee structure

  1. Academic Board Committees

The Board of Governors have approved a number of changes to the University’s Academic Board Committee structure from the start of the 2016/17 academic year.  The changes include:

1.1      The establishment of the following new committees

           University-Level Committees:

  • Education Committee
  • Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee
  • Research Ethics and Governance Committee

 Faculty-Level Committees:

  • Faculty Education Committee
  • Faculty Research and Knowledge Exchange Committee
  • Faculty Research Degrees Committee
  • Faculty Research Ethics and Governance Committee

1.2      The discontinuation of the following committees

           University-Level Committees:

  • Academic Ethics Committee
  • Research Strategy Committee
  • Student Experience Committee

Faculty-Level Committee:

  • Faculty Student Experience Committee

1.3      Change of Reporting Line:

  • Programme Committees will report to Faculty Education Committee instead of Faculty Student Experience Committee.
  1. University Executive Group Committees

The University Executive Group have approved the following changes to the UEG committee structure from the start of the 2016/17 academic year:

2.1      The Establishment of a new Committee:

  • University Commercialisation Committee

2.2      The Discontinuation of the following Committees:

  • Collaborative Partnerships Strategy Group
  • E3 Strategy Steering Group

2.3      Change of Reporting Line:

      • The Retention and Progression Programme Board will report to the Education Committee instead of UEG.
      • The Access Agreement Implementation Group will be an advisory group to the Registrar rather than a formal sub-committee of UEG.

A briefing note on the changes is available from

Details of the new structure are available in the Committee Handbook: