Last chance to sign up for Doctor of Education (EdD) programme

The Doctor of Education programme at Manchester Metropolitan University is designed to enable professionals to acquire a major qualification through researching and renewing their own professional practice.

The programme emphasises critical intervention in policy, practice and debate built through the study of a variety of academic disciplines. The long-established and highly regarded programme recruits every two years and is currently accepting applications to join the next cohort of students commencing in September 2016.

DOC OF eDStudents are typically drawn from an array of disciplines including HE lecturing, teaching, inspection, nursing, social work, youth and community work, museum and gallery studies, and professionals working within institutes for social policy and planning.

The programme seeks to place the student in a more critically informed relationship with current educational debates, particularly as they impact on notions of ‘professionalism’. It is intended that such a critical platform will help them come to their own conclusions about what the implications are for their practice as professionals, and intervene in educational debates appropriately.

Part A of the programme comprises ten study weekends and two student conferences over two years. Five assignments are completed, all focused on professionalism and research methods and linked to the student’s immediate professional concerns.

Part B, the thesis element, comprises independent research, often in the student’s own work location, culminating in a thesis shaped around professional development and intervention. Students are encouraged to publish their work and past students have had an excellent record of moving to more senior positions during their studies.
Prospective students will ordinarily possess a masters degree and selection will also be based on an interview including discussion of a piece of recent writing. The principal criterion, however, is a demonstrated capacity to combine imaginative work-based research with contemporary theoretical analysis. Interviews will be taking place during spring/summer 2016.

“The EdD programme opened my eyes to a whole new world of radical educational research which facilitates new professional insights and manoeuvres. It was perhaps one of the most challenging programmes I have ever undertaken (as it should be for doctoral study), but at the same time, has also given me the greatest sense of achievement. The developmental structure along with extremely strong and insightful doctoral supervisory teams were, in my experience, crucial to my success.”

Dr Tony Wall, former MMU EdD student and now Associate Professor and Deputy Head of Department at University of Chester Business School. (Author of Amazon bestseller Leadership Assessment for Talent Development).

All enquiries should be addressed to Elaine Sheehan on 0161 247 2010.