Hiring Tier 4 Students

Earlier this year we suspended the employment of Tier 4 students by the University. This temporary suspension was necessary to allow a full review of student employment and to ensure that we protected our status as a highly trusted Tier 4 sponsor.

Following this review, we have made a number of changes to policy and procedure. These will allow the reinstatement of Tier 4 student employment by the University with effect from 16th September.

The controls agreed with our auditor (UNIAC) are stringent, but will help to ensure that we meet our obligations to UKVI.

These controls include:

  • All casual student employment must be administered through Jobs4Students
  • Employment must not commence prior to Jobs4Students completing ID, right to work checks and issuing a statement of working arrangements to the student
  • No retrospective appointments will be made
  • Hiring managers must not commit students to work or extend contracted hours without prior agreement by J4S
  • A general 16 hour limit per week will apply to all students throughout the year
  • All students will be required to complete a timesheet for the hours worked. We will be introducing an online timesheet system during term 1 to replace the current manual system
  • We will not employ any students under the age of 18

Staff and students each have a responsibility to work within the agreed policies and procedures.

The changes made cover the employment of all students; irrespective of fee status, level of study or mode of study. We wish to ensure a fair and consistent process for all student employment opportunities available through the University.

If you have any questions about hiring students through Jobs4Students, please contact Michelle Bradley (Jobs4Students Manager) m.bradley@mmu.ac.uk, ext. 1065.