Car park access disruptions: 17-18 September

The forthcoming student moving weekend will affect access to the University car parks and movements on the local roads during 17th and 18th September (this coming weekend).

To manage the movement of vehicles and people an overarching plan has been prepared. To implement this plan there will be areas of both John Dalton and Birley which will be unavailable over the weekend and in specification locations on Friday 16th September.


  • The Birley Multi Storey Car Park will be fully utilised as part of the Moving weekend plan.
  • If you require to bring your car to campus during the weekend please be mindful that traffic volumes will be high.
  • The Hulme Residents Parking Zone does not operate on the weekend so employees can park on the road subject to local traffic orders.
  • Please be considerate to our neighbours when parking.



  • An area under the Mancunian Way will be conned off from Friday morning to make advance preparations.
  • From Friday evening cones will be deployed from the corner of John Dalton West and no cars will be permitted beyond this point.
  • If colleagues require to park on site during the weekend then parking is available in the area adjacent to the main entrance.
  • Please be advised, that due to moving weekend traffic, access in an out of the John Dalton car park will be affected.

All staff are asked not to park their car in the restricted areas as shown on the attached plan during the weekend. No car should be left overnight without prior permission from the Travel Team.

Car Parking arrangements will return to normal on the 19th September.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Travel Team if you require any further information.

Your assistance is much appreciated,

Travel Team