Travel update: Oxford Road

Please see the commentary below from Transport for Greater Manchester which provides an update on the transformation of the Oxford Road corridor:

“Last month was certainly the busiest yet in terms of the amount of work we got through and you’ll no doubt have noticed that there’s been quite a few changes made, most of which will be completely new for those returning to the corridor after the summer break.

Many of you will be aware that we committed to carrying out as much of the disruptive work as we could during the summer months as traditionally that is when Oxford Road, and the city in general, is at its quietest. We were able to safely and efficiently carry out a large amount of resurfacing work in August as well as making great progress on installing the new ‘Dutch-style’ cycle facilities and bus stop platforms along the corridor. Starting from next week, and then over the next couple of weeks you, will begin to notice the cycle bypass lanes at bus stops opening for public use and we’ll be looking to carry out an awareness raising activity in the first few days of operation to remind people of how these new look facilities work.

There’s already a number of permanent changes in place as shown on the supporting map. The most notable differences are the closure of the junction of Great Bridgewater Street with Oxford Street and the introduction of the bus, bike and pedestrian priority zone at Hathersage Road. This is the point at which general traffic is restricted between 6am and 9pm. The city council has said it will be using cameras to enforce this ‘bus gate’, starting from Monday 12 September.”

Information relating to the bus gate can be found on Manchester City Council’s website here. If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact the Travel team via