A New Focus for Catering on Campus

Manchester Metropolitan Food & Drink have been working on new menus, focusing on improving their ‘free from’ offer and service this year.

In addition to launching a new hospitality menu, the team have also introduced new menus in units with a large variety of gluten-free options. All menus will have ‘free from’ options highlighted and all units have a wider range of ‘free from’ products. Head of Catering, Jacqui McPeake, also had a special stand during Arrivals Weekend, where she chatted to new students about how the University caters for different dietary requirements.

The team are still staying strong in their challenge to raise awareness of food intolerance and allergies. With one week left, they are hoping to reach their target soon! Remember, you can sponsor them online.

Staff Conference

The fourth annual Catering staff conference took place recently with over 50 staff attending a series of workshops around the theme Catering: at the HEART of excellence. As well as taking part in a practical session focusing on Merchandising, the staff took part in quizzes, reviewed case studies and came up with team behaviours around each of the HEART values.

Paul Kingsmore, Director of Services, welcomed staff and told the team how he often receives compliments around the quality of catering.

As the team is currently taking part in their challenge for Allergy UK, a guest speaker came along to talk about the increase of food allergies and how to help someone who is suffering from an allergic reaction – the team were all able to practice administering adrenalin via an epi-pen.

The day ended with Jacqui highlighting successes across the team – an impressive roll call of reward and recognition. Jacqui goes on to say: ‘The conference is a great opportunity for us to highlight our objectives for the year. The Managers provide innovative workshops in a format which is informal and enjoyable. I have received great feedback from the staff who I felt really engaged in the key messages. I would like to thank all the staff for their involvement, they all contributed and their feedback is important. I also enjoy the opportunity to chat with everyone informally. It gets better each year!”