Bioinspired Materials Symposium at Manchester Metropolitan


On the left, Dr. Jones receives his poster prize from IKA chemicals. Right, Dr. Losada-Pérez presenting her research on nanoporous gold.

Staff members from across the Faculty of Science and Engineering organised the first multidisciplinary symposium on ‘Bioinspired Materials’ held at Manchester Metropolitan University on Tuesday, September 13.

Invited lecturers were by renowned international scientists and engineers who all combine a ‘bio’ element in their research.

Dr. Eirini Velliou, a lecturer in chemical engineering from the University of Surrey, talked about the development of 3D tumour models that are used for screening pancreatic cancer treatments.

The application of nanoporous gold structures for biosensing was presented by Dr. Patricia Losada-Pérez, whose project is a collaboration between the Institute of Materials Research in Belgium and UC Davis in California.

Representing Manchester Metropolitan, Dr. Vittorio Caprio from the Division of Chemistry discussed a new approach to synthesising complex natural products using engineered enzymes.

The multidisciplinary range of topics managed to attract more than 60 attendees from seven different universities in the UK, from undergraduate students to academic staff. Poster prizes were generously sponsored by IKA chemicals, Kinesis, Manchester Organics, and Fluorochem.

Success for Manchester Metropolitan was there for Jane Wood from the Manchester Fashion Institute, who presented a skirt made from bacterial cellulose and won the Kinesis poster prize. Dr Alan Jones from the School of Science and the Environment received a digital hot plate from IKA chemicals for his contribution on the electrosynthesis of amides.