Carbon Literacy awards at Manchester Metropolitan

Manchester Metropolitan’s Carbon Literacy trainer programme

The Carbon Literacy (CL) project is a large-scale climate change education initiative that aims to provide everyone that lives, works and studies in Manchester with access to a day’s worth of Carbon Literacy training.

The project stems directly from the city’s climate change action plan, Manchester a Certain Future, formed as a direct result of the M:ACF’s aim of addressing culture change and to  embed ‘low carbon thinking’ in the lifestyles and operations of the city culture’.

As long-term supporters of the CL project, Manchester Metropolitan has launched an exciting programme in which students are trained to deliver CL training to other students. The project was piloted last academic year. Five students were recruited as CL trainers and together they have trained 66 students in Carbon Literacy.

Manchester Metropolitan’s CL programme has been well received amongst both participants in the CL training as well as the students recruited to deliver the training. For example, 100% of the participants would recommend the course to others. Several participants have also commented on the quality of the trainers. Feedback from the student trainers shows that the programme has helped them to develop essential communication and leadership skills.

As a result of their involvement with the programme, the student trainers have also become the first individuals in Manchester (and in the world) to achieve the CL Project’s – Carbon Literacy Trainer Level 2 certification.

As a way of thanking the student trainers for all their hard work and to celebrate their certification, they have been invited to a small informal awards “ceremony” on 26th of September. The founders of the CL project will also attend the ceremony and hand out the certificates to the student trainers.

The Manchester Metropolitan’s CL programme has also gained international interest. In January 2017, a small team consisting of a representative from the CL Project, the programme leader (Jane Mork) and a student trainer, will travel to Toulouse to deliver the programme to 60 students at ENSEEIHT. This will be the first time that CL training is delivered outside UK!