Dr Kirsten Jack inspires at HEA conference

Kirsten Jack inspires at HEA conference

Susan M Jenkins, a Senior Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry at Cardiff University, has revealed her admiration for Manchester Metropolitan University Lecturer, Dr Kirsten Jack in a blog recently published on the HEA Academy website.

Having been a General Practice Nurse in various practices across the Liverpool area, Kirsten, Reader in Learning and Teaching Development, prides herself on bringing real practical experience to her teaching and this experience certainly made an impact during her keynote speech at the HEA conference, “Inspire to Succeed”.

Kirsten’s speech revolved around, ‘the use of the arts to uncover the human aspects of nursing practice’. In other words, Kirsten used the simple but effective method of asking her students to write poetry to express their feelings or anxieties about Nursing.

Kirsten’s impact

Specifically, it was Kirsten’s comments about the freedom students have when writing or drawing their personal reflective piece that had profound effect on Susan.

In Health education, it is important to understand students’ emotions about making the transition from skills lectures to a clinical setting. In her blog post, Susan M Jenkins explains that after listening to Kirsten she returned to Cardiff to see if she could capture students’ thoughts and feelings at an important time of their career. Her study revealed that students’ biggest fears were, “making small talk with patients, anxiety about hurting them, how to handle patient queries and worries about what the patient would think of them.”

Susan will be presenting her data as a poster at the Association for Dental Education in Europe in August and states that she would not have engaged with her study had she not heard Kirsten speak at the HEA Conference.

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