Honorary Awards 2017 – Invitation to submit nominations

Each year the University recognises the contribution made by individuals of distinction through the conferment of an honorary award which both honours the individual and at the same time raises the profile of the University.

This is an important opportunity to create an association with well-known individuals with a high public profile in relevant fields and to raise the profile of key areas of the University’s teaching, research and enterprise.  In addition, the presence of high profile Honorands at degree ceremonies adds to students’ and their families’ enjoyment of the day.

Staff and students are invited to submit nominations of individuals from outside the University who:

  • have made, or continue to make, a major contribution to the academic work, the development or the reputation of the University, or
  • have earned distinction for their activities in fields related to the academic disciplines of the University, research or public or charitable service, or
  • have made a significant contribution to the North West region, or
  • through their achievements, or through overcoming disadvantages, present a worthy role model to University students and staff.

Any member of staff of the University, any student member of the University or any member of its Board of Governors may nominate another person for an honorary award, but nominations in respect of a current member of staff or the student body shall not be considered.

Nominations must be treated as confidential and must not be made known to the nominee.

All nominations must be submitted to the Chair of the Committee using the official University nomination form and will be considered by the Academic Board’s Honorary Awards Committee.

Further details of the procedure, full criteria and the nomination form are available from the link below: http://www.mmu.ac.uk/sas/govandsec/honoraryawards.php

Please return completed forms and any supporting information to Libby Basnett, Marketing, Communications & Development, Bellhouse Building or via email to l.basnett@mmu.ac.uk by no later than 28 October 2016.