New insights into student career thinking


Over the summer, we have been collecting data on students’ career thinking and work experience through the careers questions included during online enrolment. Based on responses, we have sent tailored communications to students with careers information and advice to prepare them for the year ahead and help them with their next steps.

The data collected so far has provided useful insight into students’ work history and career aspirations. For example…

  • 50% of final year UG respondents have not started planning for their future
  • 15% of final year respondents have no work experience
  • Only 14% of all respondents knew the sector or organisation they would like to gain work experience in
  • 76% of all respondents have been in some form of paid employment

Students also have the option to provide additional information related to the roles, sectors and organisations they are interested in. A third of respondents provided this insight and we will use this data to ensure students are provided with relevant opportunities throughout their journey with us.

Once the enrolment period is complete, response data will be available at institution, department and individual student level. This data will provide academic and careers staff with a greater understanding as to how we can support our students with their career planning and is likely to be available late autumn term.

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