The University has launched two brand new Undergraduate and Postgraduate campaigns with adverts offline across the country and targeted activity online, to engage and inspire new students.

The Undergraduate campaign

ManMetLife is excited to unveil Manchester Metropolitan’s new #McrMetMakesYou Undergraduate campaign that captures the aspirations and achievements of our students.

Significantly different to previous university campaigns, the University wanted to speak directly to potential students by encapsulating their future ambitions – academically, socially and occupationally. The creative has been shared with Recruitment and Admissions who have applied it to their Open Day marketing activity, to ensure brand consistency for the student journey.

The campaign creative places the student’s journey at the heart of the message. Each poster visually represents the excitement of students joining the University – ‘I made it to Mcr Met’ and making it in their dream career – ‘I made it at Mcr Met’. There are seven student scenarios, which provide a selection of the diverse range of courses available at the University.

UG poster.jpg

Concise and powerful, the statement will engage and inspire students to want to discover more, offering an opportunity to present Manchester Metropolitan University as the ‘go to’ university in Manchester. The city as well as the University are central to our brand, reputation and recruitment.

A new campaign landing page brings in the creative used online and offline, increasing recognition and strong call to action to book an Open Day or find a course.

Continuing the theme of journeys, you may spot the odd poster at train stations in big cities, like London, Birmingham and Liverpool, promoting Manchester Metropolitan as the place to be, extending our appeal and catchment area.

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With Manchester Metropolitan as the destination, the student journey starts at Welcome Week.


You may also see the campaign on social media and with online activity, the University have the chance to be even more creative and able to measure effectiveness of all activity with dedicated tracking URLs. We have produced four first person scenarios, reflecting Fashion, Business, Nursing and Journalism, which provide a 360° panoramic view of the experience our students will receive.

Explore the 360° images on our Facebook page and see if you can spot some colleagues. Remember to like and share in order to show your support of the campaign.


The Postgraduate campaign

The University’s new Postgraduate campaign will increase awareness of the diverse Postgraduate study we offer.

Each brightly coloured poster has a simple and inspirational message. The three different messages relate to the key factors for Postgraduate study: improving your employability prospects, pursuing your passion and getting ahead of the competition.

Each of these messages are supported by key facts and information to further appeal to prospective students, driving students to the campaign landing page to find out more about Manchester Met and book a Course Fair

Located in high-density footfall areas, the posters make a big impact and are memorable to attract new students. Next time you visit the Trafford Centre, commute on Manchester Metrolink or the 147 bus, look out for the posters.

Like the Undergraduate campaign, we will be targeting and tracking potential students online so you may also see the adverts on social media, LinkedIn, FindAMasters and much more from now until January.

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