Five Minutes With…Becky Fox

After a summer hiatus, one of our most popular and most read features is back!

This week’s ‘Five Minutes with…’  features Becky Fox, Academic Representation Coordinator, The Union

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Name, role and department:

Becky Fox, Academic Representation Coordinator, The Union five-mins-becky01_090816

How long have you been at Manchester Met:

Just under two months, but it feels like a lot longer

Favourite thing about the University:

Everyone seems so willing to help out and the staff really care about students.

A typical working day:

Working at a Students’ Union, you never know what your day will be like. Sometimes I’ll be responding to emails, some days I’m developing a new training plan, sometimes a student will come with an obscure issue you have to try and work out how to fix. The best days are when we have food left over from training/a conference and we all get to finish off what’s left!

I love that there’s never a typical day here. Because I get to work quite early, I’ve been leaving before 5pm and loving being able to spend time cooking and walking my dog after work.

What is your ideal weekend:

Seeing my friends or family, having a takeaway with my partner and taking our dog for a big walk, doing crafty things or getting the house nice and tidy (unusual I know but I love making it look nice for the week). I have a small cross-stitch business so I often spend a few hours trying to finish things off.

Interesting fact about you:

My Great-Great Grandfather was the first Labour Mayor of Manchester and brought in the minimum wage in Greater Manchester. Apparently he was a prominent Labour activist, so I think I get my activist tendencies from him.

What are you reading, watching or listening to at the moment:

I’m watching The Following which is a series about a cult of serial killers, I’m reading “How to be a Woman” by Caitlin Moran, and I’m listening to TED talks at night to help me sleep.

Favourite place in the region:

This is so hard to pick, I love John Rylands library because I have a weird sense of ‘home’ there, I recently moved to Levenshulme and love all the parks there and the quirky antiques market. My favourite thing about Manchester is all the parks and secret bits of nature that have survived in such a big city.

Person you would most like to meet – past or present, real or fictional:

I would have loved to have met the Pankhursts and to have been involved in their movement.

What items would you take on a desert island and why:

My poetry book so I could write about everything

My dog because I’d miss her too much

My partner because he makes everything fun