MMU Futures Award becomes the Futures Skills Award!

futrue-skills-eeThe MMU Futures Award has been revised for the new academic year in order to simplify the scheme and more accurately reflect and recognise the wide variety of activity our students undertake.  We’ve also had a change of name and are now the Futures Skills Award!

What’s Changed?

In addition to the change of name, there are now no set number of hours to complete, and no bronze, silver or gold levels – it’s just a single award making it easier for students to understand and navigate.

There is a much stronger emphasis on skills and reflection, with students identifying the skills they would like to focus on, undertaking activity of their choice to develop these skills, and then evidencing and reflecting on their experience and abilities.

We are now also able to link in with activity such as part-time jobs, placements, internships and studying abroad, along with the rest of the extra-curricular activity students undertake.

Tailored Experience

By introducing a more flexible scheme we are now able to offer a more tailored experience to students, allowing them to shape their own unique journey which meet their needs and interests, and to fit in with the activity they may already be undertaking.



The award remains student-centred, primarily focusing on improving the employability of our students.  Our key aims are to unlock the potential of our students to help them achieve their ambitions by:

  • Improving their confidence by encouraging them to undertaken additional experiences outside their course.
  • Enabling them to understand and articulate the skills they have in order to strengthen their chances in the graduate job market.
  • Encourage them to recognising the value in additional things they do.

You will find further details about the scheme, along with information on the new structure, on our website at

If you have any queries please contact the Award Manager Helen Lord on, ext. 2980.