UCAS tariff 2017 changes and what you need to know

UCAS tariff 2017 changes and what you need to know

For undergraduate 2017 entry the UCAS Tariff is changing. If you advise prospective students at open days and other student recruitment events about our courses and entry requirements this will affect you. We have put together a brief overview and some useful resources for you.

At Manchester Metropolitan University, we make a substantial number of offers based on the UCAS Tariff. The main thing about the new tariff is that the numbers are much smaller, as a completely different scale has been used, but the ‘value’ of the grades for most popular qualifications is exactly the same. The new tariff is just a different set of numbers to describe qualifications and grades. So you simply need to think about the grades you would usually expect to see and map these to the new tariff:

  • A Levels: If your normal offer would be BCC (for an A Level student) equating to 260 points on the old tariff, your offer will still be BCC, but equating to 104 points on the new tariff.
  • BTEC: For a BTEC Extended Diploma student with DMM, this equated to 280 points on the old tariff and 112 point on the new tariff.
  • Access to HE Diploma: the Access to HE Diploma is now also on the new tariff, but we are still generally looking for a merit profile, 96-112 on the new tariff.

For a quick introduction, watch the UCAS video on the new tariff

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Check out the UCAS Tariff calculator tool

Access the full UCAS Tariff tables to check on the value of individual qualifications

Check out the key dates for Manchester Met Undergraduate students for 2017 entry

Our entry requirements for 2017 entry have all been updated on the e-prospectus and on UCAS, so you can check the new amount of points required for individual courses there.

There are also changes to the way GCSEs are graded for 2017 entry. Initially Maths and English is changing, but other subjects will follow. Grading will move to a 9-1 scale, with grade nine being roughly equivalent to an  A* grade. Grade four will be  broadly equivalent to the old grade C and grade 5 will be broadly equivalent to the old grade B. You can find out more about the GCSE changes here.

For more information contact Recruitment and Admission on  recruitmentandadmissions@mmu.ac.uk