Driving Sustainability


Security Services at the University have added electrical vehicles and pedal power to its transportation options in line with the University’s commitment to sustainability. The new vehicles and cycles provide an environmentally friendly method of getting around campus, with the added bonus of efficiency savings and a healthy workout for the cycle riders.

Security management commented: “We have been considering ways to enhance security patrolling to complement other initiatives that are being introduced as part of the Safe Campus and Sustainability strategies. The new electric vehicles have been marked up with Security livery, making them highly visible as a crime deterrent within the community, and a display of the University’s strong commitment to sustainability. The cycles give us more opportunities to interact with students, staff and other people on campus, whilst also enabling our officers to react quicker to incidents. In addition, the cycles and electric vehicles allow Security to deliver a more focused approach to how we conduct patrols in order to meet our commitment to providing a Safe Campus.”

You may have already seen Security officers patrolling on bikes this week, as the new cycle patrols started on Wednesday on the Manchester campus. Security officers who want to make use of the bikes received training arranged by Paul Beckett, the Cycle Training Coordinator for Transport for Greater Manchester. On successful completion of this training, officers are kitted out with the appropriate personal protective equipment before cycle patrols. Security staff are excited about the program and the new travel option they provide.

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