Event: New Generation – Design for Living

Manchester Metropolitan and the Co-op are hosting an event that brings together artists, designers, researchers, policy makers, communities and practitioners from health, arts, social care, to creatively explore models for decision making and governance around designing for urban living over the life course.

New Generation – Design for Living is a two-day event, drawing together expertise, knowledge and participation around the theme of urban design for community members of all ages.

The event responds to the ambition of Age Friendly Cities Manchester and the Greater Manchester’s Ageing Hub, to ensure the city is a centre of excellence for ageing communities and understanding the impacts of inequality, health and social participation.

Key themes to be addressed in workshops around intergenerational living include:

– Neighbourhoods and communities

– Services for living and working

– Visions for longer term strategies, foresight, and aspirations

– Power sharing and governance, the systems and infrastructures that operate to make things work

The event aims to

–  Explore the challenges and opportunities that ageing presents us as a society

–  Identify new possibilities for inter-generational collaboration

–  Explore how our city is reimagined, designed and inhabited by future communities

New Generation also contributes to Manchester Metropolitan’s D/Evolving Manchester events, a programme of research on Greater Manchester devolution and the Northern Powerhouse. Everyone is welcome to join us – all events are open to the public and entirely free of charge. We are programming over 100 events and activities from across the whole University including a wide range of external partners including businesses, community groups and policy-makers.

For more info on D/Evolving Manchester please contact Jenna.Ashton@mmu.ac.uk