Film screening: ‘Human’

Please join us for the Paradigm Screening event at HOME at 6:30pm on Tuesday 25th October for a cinematic and conversational exploration of our humanity led by Prof Stephen Whittle OBE with Dr Lucy Burke and Dr. Jeannine Goh.

What meaning do you want to give to your presence on Earth?
What does being HUMAN mean to you?

“The stories presented here offer a certain vision of the world through an underlying narrative. The intention of this construction is to encourage us to ask questions, as if looking into a mirror, about our own lives, choices, and aspirations.  Although first and foremost these are personal stories told by human beings who sometimes have nothing in common, one thing is certain: It does not matter what divides us – origins, social standing, age, sex, or faith – we all have similar needs and share the same concerns. Right from the start, Yann Arthus-Bertrand set out to construct a work around some very precise themes; the challenges our society faces and what it means to be human. All of these themes tend to intersect and converge around one obsession that we found across all five continents and through 2,000 interviews.”

The Good Planet Foundation. Tickets £5-£9 available in advance online or by calling HOME’s box office 2001500 (noon-8pm daily)

Watch the trailer here: