Help MMU Taekwondo get to the World Championships in Holland

MMU Taekwondo are the first University Taekwondo Club to be offered a place on the World Stage and need help raising the funds to get them there.

The 2017 World Championships are taking place in Barneveld, Holland and the club are invited to compete. They were also the first ever British University Taekwondo league Champions in 2016 and the first club to be invited to attend the European Championships that took place in Poland this past summer, where they were crowned double European Champions. Now they have now been invited to compete on the world’s biggest stage in the world championships.

The club are only 5 and a half years old and have gone from strength to strength, they are taught by a volunteer coach and everything they do is to provide more opportunities for people within Taekwondo. The club have been active members in the community raising money for charities, this past February the club put on a ‘Charity Fight Night’ taking place at the students union where the clubs members competed against one another in a 19ft boxing ring and also put on a live demonstration, all to a sold out crowd, raising £1,090 for local charity Francis House Children’s Hospice.

The club are fundraising in order to help with their expenses, being non profit and with the coaches teaching as volunteers the clubs only income is what they raise for opportunities such as the world championships. Each member has to cover entry fee, 5 days accommodation, flights and travel, on top of there food and equipment costs.

Help the club make history! Any donors will be publicly thanked and names printed onto our World Championship Flag to be displayed at the championships. Check out the link here to donate: