Five Minutes With…Rowena Harding

rowenaName, role and department:
Rowena Harding, Marketing Officer, MMU Sport

How long have you been at Manchester Met:
Since March 2016.

Favourite thing about the University:
Its connections with the community, businesses, and the public; its not just academics in an ivory tower.

A typical working day:
There is no typical day! We could be chatting to our Rio medallists, then heading to Sale Sharks to talk about a partnership, promoting hula hooping and dog petting or trying to work out how to get more students fit and healthy.

What is your ideal weekend:
I usually volunteer for a homeless charity on an early Saturday morning and it gives me energy for the day, so I’d do that then swimming in the warm water of Salford Quays, biking through Cheshire lanes, then running to a pub and eating half the menu. I also like afternoon naps. So my ideal weekend would have to have more hours!

Interesting fact about you:
I’m an economic migrant in the UK and I’ve always been shocked by the levels of homelessness here so I’m currently fundraising for the Booth Centre that supports Manchester’s homeless population to find their feet. Shameless plug: 

What are you reading, watching or listening to at the moment:
I’m watching Bake Off so I can get tips for a fundraising cake sale. I’ve got several books on the go. And I’ve just discovered ipods which I still call my Walkman.

Favourite place in the region:
I’m still discovering it because I’m new to these parts but the top of some bleak moor in Saddleworth that you’ve cycled or run to at sunrise when you’re the only nutter around is pretty nice.

Person you would most like to meet- past or present, real or fictional:
I’d like to meet the late MP Jo Cox to get her advice on how we can continue her political legacy and build community.

What items would you take on a desert island and why:
A boat, a GPS and a lot of fuel for the boat. I’m essentially a practical person.