Developing an ideal age-friendly home: creating research impact

Manchester Metropolitan University has an exciting opportunity to work with the Ideal Home Show to design, develop and ‘stock’ a research-informed ‘age-friendly’ show home for the 2018 exhibition (3 weeks in London and 3 days in Manchester Event City).

Architecture students from the masters programme are already developing their own ideas for the show home. Led by a professional team of staff and consultants involved in the Manchester Age Friendly Neighbourhoods project (MAFN), the students will work alongside older people and community groups to research and co-design their ideas.

But how else could research across the University influence the home? The project invites researchers from across the University to consider how their work might also inform aspects of the show home’s design and content, including fixtures, fittings, furnishings, layout, materials and technologies.

The Research and Knowledge Exchange Impact and Engagement team is producing an inventory of all our ageing-related research to evaluate how it might contribute to the show home and the visitor experience. So if your research is relevant to older people – or you have ideas about what products and technologies should be highlighted in the show home – please email (