Get moving in your lunch break!

Walking.jpgDo you love to socialise and feel like you need a break from your desk?  Then try out our Staff Lunch Walks on Wellbeing Wednesdays.

Staff Lunch Walks are here to help you sit less and move more, taking place each Wednesday with the first meet at 12:30pm on November 9th, from the Business School reception under the giant screen.

Taking part in a brisk walk at lunch will help you to feel revitalised, refreshed and will benefit your weight management. Brisk walking is classed as a moderate aerobic physical activity, which increases your heart rate and makes you feel warmer – you should be able to maintain a conversation, but you shouldn’t be able to sing! Walking just one mile in 20 minutes can burn at least 100 calories!  Wearing a pedometer, or fitness tracker, can keep you up to date with your progress, and can also help you to set goals.

Try to move a little more each day by:

  • Swapping the lift for the stairs.
  • Parking a few spaces further away.
  • Getting off the bus a couple of stops earlier.
  • Meeting your colleagues for an outdoor stroll.

Taking part in Staff Lunch Walks will encourage a good night’s sleep and can reduce anxiety and if that isn’t incentive enough, then nearly 80% of adults fail to meet the targets set by UK government for taking part in moderate exercise…get active and be different, don’t be part of that 80%. The walks will keep going until December 14th but you can also work off your Christmas stuffing starting from Wednesday 11th January.

Don’t worry about the weather – just make sure you’ve got some comfy shoes for walking and a light rain jacket –if the weather is awful the walk leaders will take some of the walk inside!

Everyone who attends will get some MMU Sport freebies after completing each walk! Visit the online store to book your place now.