Reminder: CLA Collection of Royalties Data

Manchester Metropolitan University has been selected this Autumn for a collection of royalties data, conducted by the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) for thirty working days from 3rd October 2016 (end date 11th November). Yellow boxes have been placed next to photocopiers and printers accompanied by instruction posters on the wall.

If you are photocopying from books, journals, magazines or ‘born-digital’ resources please take a few moments to read the red instruction poster located by relevant copiers. All that is required is a single copy of the identifying page of the publication (title or verso page) including the ISBN/ISSN, where available. Please affix a CLA data label to the copy, indicate quantities and place it in the yellow box.

This exercise pertains to the use of published material which is being photocopied or re-used in our institution under the terms of our copyright licence. Your co-operation and compliance with all elements is requested in order to fully assist CLA with their royalty distributions.

The licence fee paid by this Institution is held by the CLA until indications of copying, or re-use, enable appropriate payments to be made to the rights holders. A fair balance in the world of intellectual property is important because the rights’ holders need users as much as users need the creators of copyright works. This exercise helps to complete the cycle and reward the authors, publishers and visual creators accordingly.

Participating Areas

The collection’s main focus is on academic departments as well as reprographics or any type of print service, whether in-house or outsourced, and the library.

  1. For academic departments we anticipate that data will come from lecturers or anyone copying on their behalf. Other learning areas such as Centres of Excellence are also included. Administrative departments, such as HR, are generally excluded unless their facilities are used to copy teaching or research resources.
  2. Reprographics will be required to notify us of all copying of copyright material, using the same method as the academic departments.
  3. Data is also collected from the library but only when generated by staff or visiting academics. Students are generally excluded unless copying on behalf of a member of staff though we routinely include post-graduate centres or similar (refer to your institution’s briefing notes for further information).
  4. Printed course packs containing copyright material are also captured, either by the producing department or reprographics.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Louise Koch

Senior Assistant Librarian (and CLA Licence Co-ordinator)

Tel: 0161 247 6630