MAKE:SHIFT Conference

Make:Shift is a 2 day innovation conference which explores the importance of craft and innovation to the future of making in a dynamic, thought-provoking and engaging environment.

Location: 10-11 November 2016 at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester

What are this year’s themes?

In 2016 Make:Shift will explore the value of craft innovation in:

  • social innovation
  • sustainability
  • healthcare and wellbeing

It looks to demonstrate the distinctive characteristics of craft and unveil how makers collaborate and catalyse innovation in other sectors and industries. The practices presented will span robotics, smart materials, bio design, connected wearables alongside more traditional craft disciplines.

A packed two-day event including panel discussions, interviews, keynote presentations, dynamic research workshops/think-tanks, hands-on materials table and behind the scenes tours of the Museum of Science and Industry.

The conference will feature handling sessions with the Process and Material Innovation Collection from Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections. One item from the collection is a Mycelium Bowl by Maurizio Montalti who will be speaking at Make:Shift:

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS mycelium-bowl2.jpg

The Growing Lab | Mycelium Bowl #2 – Oyster. Image property of Officina Corpuscoli. Photographer: ©Maurizio Montalti (Officina Corpuscoli)

Find more information on the different sessions below and download the programme here.





Why should I attend? 

  • To find out how craft innovation impacts bigger challenges such as sustainability, social innovation, health and wellbeing
  • To explore innovative making and research across robotics, smart materials, bio design and wearables
  • To discuss new thinking and areas of shared interest
  • To meet potential collaborators

Who is speaking?

Leading specialists, practitioners and experts from the fields of science, engineering, architecture, robotics, medicine and manufacturing.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Mark Miodownik, Director of Institute of Making, UCL
  • Caroline Till, Co-founder and Director of futures research studio FranklinTill
  • Ghislaine Boddington, Creative Director of body>data>space
  • Lucy Siegle, journalist, author and broadcaster
  • Jeremy Myerson, Co-Founder and Chair of Design of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

Read all speakers biographies below and download the programme here.

What was said about Make:Shift 2014

‘Make:Shift opened my eyes to collaborations everywhere and in every field.’ Make:Shift 2014 attendee

‘I thought there was something distinctly Reithian about Make:Shift. It educated, informed and entertained in equal measure – which is pretty much all you can ask for from a conference really.’ Grant Gibson, Editor of Crafts magazine

‘Make:Shift was one of the best conferences I’d ever been to, with inspiring talks, a lively atmosphere, and the sense that you could say hello to anyone there, and be sure to have just met someone interesting.’ Andrew Sleigh, researcher, writer and maker

Following the huge success of Make:Shift 2014, this year’s event will continue to question, investigate and push the boundaries of craft in the 21st century.

Watch our short teaser to relive Make Shift 2014 highlights: