Remembrance Day.jpgHave you ever wondered what happens to all the poppies we buy after Remembrance Day?  Well, Crewe Library would like to have as many of your unwanted poppies as possible.  They will be given a good home and used for future displays to mark war and remembrance each November.

The idea started with the mundane task of tidying the library. Assistant Librarian Sarah Webb said: “I was clearing up one Saturday morning and came across several lost and discarded poppies.  I just couldn’t throw them away so I kept them. And I’ve kept keeping them each year I find them – red poppies, white poppies and now purple poppies each with its own message about remembering.  Then I thought about asking people to donate their unwanted poppies so we could use them in our display next year. It would be fantastic if we could cover our display shelves with hundreds of used poppies.”

Crewe Library creates a new book and DVD display each month throughout the year to publicise its interesting and vibrant stock.  Ian Harter, Library Services Manager, said: “We have a great team and they produce vibrant and interesting displays to get students exploring the collection.  We’ve publicised study skills, particular departmental collections, prize-winning novelists, LGBT issues, International Women’s Day and latterly Black History Month jointly with the Students Union.  I hope as many students, academics and support staff can get behind our poppy appeal and donate as many possible.”

If you would like to donate a poppy or poppies then please pop into Crewe Library and give them to a member of Library staff.  If you are in Manchester then just put them in the internal post marked POPPY APPEAL CREWE LIBRARY. All poppies will be gratefully received.

The Library have chosen a selection of their favourite books on War and Remembrance as part of Love To Read, Library staff’s monthly recommendations of books and films available from Manchester Metropolitan Library.