New bike shelters

The Travel Team are pleased to confirm that the former Geoffrey Manton cycle shelters have been relocated to the rear of the Righton Building. One of these shelters will be available for the exclusive use of staff from the 18th November. If you would like to use the shelters please contact and we will provide further details.

A secure/covered cycle shelter has also been installed under the Mancunian Way which will be shared between staff and students, with capacity for 108 bikes.

In recent weeks Sheffield Stands have also been installed across the campus providing capacity for a further 48 bicycles.

Please click here to see the maps for the Manchester and Crewe campuses.

To obtain the codes for access to cycle shelters, please e-mail  You will then receive the Terms and Conditions of use and the access code for the requested cycle shelter.

Please Note: Due to the available facilities no cycles should be stored internally within University buildings. The dedicated facilities should be used at all times.

 We want your opinion

The Travel Team are also undertaking an appraisal of all the cycling facilities across the Estate (including showers/lockers/drying provisions etc). The feedback from the recent Staff Travel and Sustainability Survey will be used to inform this exercise, but we welcome any specific comments about how the facilities for cyclists can be improved across the Estate.

To provide any comments or obtain further information regarding cycling at MMU please contact the Travel Team: