Transport update: All Saints and Oxford Street

All Saints Park

The temporary relocation of the bus stops under the Mancunian Way and the contraflow system will remain until the emergency works to repair the collapsed highway have been completed.

The Grosvenor Street/Oxford Road/Cavendish Street junction now includes a no left turn from Grosvenor Street on to Oxford Road which is consistent with the final highway arrangement.

Localised pedestrian management will continue whilst the new highway layout is installed.


Sunday 20th November – Permanent changes on Oxford Street:

16-1520-oxford-road-mobile-sizeFrom Sunday 20th November a number of permanent changes to Oxford Street will come into effect.

The changes are to allow a bus, cycle and pedestrian priority zone between Whitworth Street and Portland Street and will include making part of the road open to two-way traffic.

The changes are illustrated via the following link. Pedestrians are advised to take caution when crossing.

The most noticeable change is that Oxford Street will have two-way traffic and a new bus gate. Local access traffic will be able to use the outbound side of the street between Portland Street and Whitworth Street.

The bus gate at Whitworth Street will restrict access inbound to buses, cycles and hackney carriages only, with all general traffic prohibited between 6am and 9pm and required to turn left into Whitworth Street West.

Other changes include:

  • A no right turn from Whitworth Street into Oxford Street between 6am and 9pm. Buses, cycles and hackney carriages will still be able to make this turn;
  • A no right turn from Oxford Street into Whitworth Street at all times;
  • A no right turn from Oxford Street into Whitworth Street West at all times; and
  • A no right turn from Chepstow Street into Oxford Street, except for cycles, at all times.


Highway signage advising drivers of the changes will be visible when the changes go live this Sunday (20th November).

Saturday 26th November – Resurfacing work starts (Oxford Road Closure and Bus Diversions)

The next phase of resurfacing work will get under way on Saturday 26th November and will require a section of Oxford Road to be closed to all traffic until Sunday 4th December. To enable the work to be completed safely and efficiently a full closure will come into effect between Brunswick Street, up to and including the junction of Booth Street East and West.

TfGM acknowledge that Booth Street represents the main east-west crossing point for drivers and so the work will be split up to minimise inconvenience for motorists. To achieve this, the closure of Booth Street will only take place over the weekends of 26/27 November and 3/4 December. During the week the Booth Street junction will remain open while the resurfacing work continues between Brunswick Street and Booth Street.

Full bus service diversions are still being formalised and these will be shared when available but this is likely to affect:

  • Diverted to Upper Brook Street: 18, 38, 41, 42, 43, 141, 142, 143, 147, 191, 197.
  • Diverted to Lloyd St North: 15, 53, X57, 111.

It should be noted that general traffic will still be able to access Hathersage Road but where possible the advice would be to turn off sooner (Dickenson Road) to improve journey times towards the City Centre.