Important information regarding the disposal of confidential waste

This information is particularly relevant to any teams who deal with Confidential Waste.

Can we kindly remind all staff of the following:

  • We have replaced the use of white paper bags with a solid locked waste consoles for confidential waste. Locations of these can be found within the confidential waste briefing document under ‘How do I dispose of confidential waste?’ here.
  • It will be the responsibility of the team to dispose of any confidential waste in the confidential waste consoles. These consoles are for day to day volumes of waste, for large amounts please contact the Waste & Recycling Team (
  • Please ensure all plastic wallets, paper and binder clips are removed before disposal, confidential waste is shredded on site and these can cause issues with our shredder.
  • Any empty white bags should be returned to the Waste & Recycling Team (3rd Floor, Old SU). There is a cost associated with both full and empty bags, these must be returned.
  • Please note: It is a breach of Data Protection regulations to have confidential waste in offices, which is not securely stored. Confidential waste MUST be deposited inside of the console, and not left on top, or next to the console.

If you have any queries please direct them to the Waste & Recycling Team.
Tel: 0161 247 2007