Dr Holly Eva Ryan’s Political Street Art book published


Dr Holly Eva Ryan has her had book, ‘Political Street Art: Communication, culture and resistance in Latin America’ published by Routledge.

This book explores the evolving political role of street art in Latin America during the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. It examines the use, appropriation and reconfiguration of public spaces and political opportunities through street art forms, drawing on empirical work undertaken in Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina. Bringing together a range of insights from social movement studies, aesthetics and anthropology, the book highlights some of the difficulties in theorising and understanding the complex interplay between art and political practice.

Dr Ryan, Senior Lecturer in Politics, said: “In recent years, street art has become an increasingly popular form of expression all across the globe. Centring on Latin America in particular, my book examines processes of communication, expressions of culture and resistance that are embodied in the production and evolution of street art.”

More information on her book can be found here