Pop in to our 3D print hub

An invitation to 3D Print

Print Services’ new 3D design, print and scanning service is now fully operational.

Did you know that doctors can now practise delicate medical operations beforehand by creating a 3D prosthetic? Did you also now you can create your own Christmas baubles or a new phone cover?

The options are endless which is exactly what guests found out when they attended this month’s 3D Print Open Day.

University staff and students had the opportunity to hear from Digital Manufacturing Manager, Ed Keefe, on the fascinating process, as well as the opportunity to interact with prosthetic eyeballs and fingers and even watch some new prints being created in front of their eyes.

Research Fellow Liz Gill also met with a number of external clients to discuss new medical projects as well as further partnerships with North West hospitals.

The sector-leading service is open to all staff and students and can be used for anything ranging from medical prosthetics, through to art and architecture models or even gifts for friends and family!

Visit The Shed today or give the team a call on 0161 247 6464.