Victorian Popular Fiction Association Study Day

Co-organised by Dr Kirsty Bunting, Senior Lecturer in English Literature, the ‘Victorian Popular Fiction Association Study Day: Victorian Popular Collaborations’ will be held on Saturday 22 April 2017 at the Cheshire campus. More details are below:

Victorian Popular Fiction Association Study Day: Victorian Popular Collaborations

Keynote: Patricia Pulham, Reader in Victorian Literature, University of Portsmouth

Roundtable: ‘Teaching Victorian Popular Collaboration’ led by Study Day Organisers Kirsty Bunting, MMU, and Janine Hatter, Hull

“Collaboration is one of the literary features of our age, and at the present rate of progression there seems to be some prospect of it attaining alarming proportions in the future”(Walter Besant, ‘Guide to Matrimony’ in the St. Valentine’s edition of Home and Hearth, 1892)

This VPFA Study Day will run 10-5pm, with an additional option of having Afternoon Cream Tea at The Brasserie, Crewe Hall Hotel 5-7.30pm (transport with 7.45pm Crewe train station drop off, included)