Using your ID Card at the Library

What is happening and when?

From 3rd January, students, staff and authorised visitors will only be able to swipe into the Library entrance gates using the ID card most recently issued to them. ID cards with old issue numbers will not allow access.

Why is this happening?

  • We want to maximise the safety and security of all Library customers using the building
  • We want to keep the Library resources as secure as possible
  • We want to maximise the study space available for Manchester Met students and staff
  • We’re bringing the management of ID cards at the Library in line with other University services

Get ready now!

Don’t wait, get ahead of the game now:

  • If you have any old ID cards, please destroy them and throw them away
  • Ask Library staff if you are unsure what your latest card issue number is

For further support visit the Library helpdesk, or @MMULibrary on Twitter.