Get your veg delivered to the campus


It’s that time of year again to make a New Year’s resolution for a fresh and healthy new start, but how to stick to it is the question? We thought we would make it easy for you with Veg Box People’s fresh local veg box– brought to you on campus every week!

All of Veg Box People’s produce is grown organically, meaning it is great for long-term soil health, biodiversity and great for us too. Because the veg is produced locally (some within three miles), it is super fresh, so as well as being healthy it really holds its taste. Once you start eating local organic veg you won’t want to go back to supermarket veg!

This is all possible because of their strong relationships with the local farmers. Veg Box People are working with local farmers to help them plan their crops and pay them fairly for their hard work and delicious veg – making it the fairest veg in town. So signing up to Veg Box People is more than just a weekly veg box, it’s joining a healthy and fair food revolution – which will give you an amazing boost into 2017!

Order your veg box now at alternatively come and meet the Veg Box People at the weekly collection points every Thursday (11:15 – 12:30 outside Brooks building and 13:00 – 14:30 outside the Business School).

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and tasty New Year!

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