IT: Are you protected?

Comp Protection.JPG

Happy new year! And just to make sure it remains one, here are our top three tips on protecting yourself online and keeping the internet baddies out of your home computer.

  1. The basics

Has your computer been telling you you’ve got updates waiting? If so, then update them ASAP. Microsoft, Apple and Google regularly send out updates to make sure that all your devices are as secure as possible – so take full advantage by keeping your personal technology up to date.

  1. Keeping the front door locked

Do you have a firewall? Do you know what a firewall is? If not, try Googling ‘firewall for‘ and adding the name of your operating system – e.g. Windows, Mac, Android, iOS (or iPad/iPhone) – and find an app to keep the net bad guys firmly locked out.

  1. Found something nasty? Kill it!

Most web browsers will protect you from a lot of undesirables. But we’re all unlucky sometimes – so what do you do if you’ve accidentally let something nasty loose on your computer? Run your antivirus app! Haven’t got one? Get one!

Helpful stuff

Easy, isn’t it? But if you’re not sure where to begin looking, here’s some helpful links from reputable sources of information.