Media spotlight for ‘lying killers’ documentary

27850034Linguist Professor Dawn Archer (pictured) has been making media waves after she appeared in a documentary analysing lying killers and their crocodile tears.

The two-part documentary, Faking It: Tears of a Crime, looked at some of the most notorious cases of murderers who claim innocence, often boldly using the national press to portray themselves as grieving victims.

The show aired on Investigation Discovery whose team spent a day at the University last year talking to Dawn as she analysed fake public appeals to spot the tell-tale lying signs.

You can see a short clip of the documentary here.

The documentary attracted a lot of nationwide attention and Prof Archer has appeared in The Daily Mirror, Liverpool Echo, BBC Radio and Daily Record, among others.

Dawn, Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange for Languages, Information and Communications, is a specialist forensic linguist who works to decipher the true meaning behind our communication and behaviour. She also specialises in corpus linguistics and pragmatics.

You read about Dawn’s work in forensic linguistics in the latest issue of Met Magazine.