Northern Network for the Study of the Crusades Inaugural Symposium Diversity

Geoffrey Manton LT5, Manchester Metropolitan University, Oxford Road, Manchester

10th February 2017

10.00 Registration, Tea & Coffee

10.30 Keynote Lecture

From Clermont to Mexico: The Changing Goals, Participation and Organisation of Crusading, 11th to 16th Centuries (Alan Murray – Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds)

11.30 Session 1

• Bloodless Turks and Sanguine Crusaders: Racial Diversity in William of Malmesbury’s Account Urban II’s Sermon at Clermont (James Titterton, Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds)

• The Türkmen and the Crusades in Anatolia (Jason Roche, Manchester Metropolitan University)
Session 2

• The Diverse Portrayals of Richard the Lionheart in Crusade Narratives (Mark McCabe, University of Huddersfield

• The Non-noble Cavalrymen of the Fourth Crusade: The Role of the Mounted Sergeant (Jack Beaman, The University of Nottingham)

1.00-2.00: Lunch in the Atrium

2.00 Session 3

• Hiding in plain sight: Providers of medical care during crusades to the Eastern Mediterranean, 1095-1274 (Joanna Phillips, Institute for Medieval Studies, University of Leeds)

• Diversifying Christianity in the Crusader States and the ordo(s) of Jerusalem (Adam Simmons, Lancaster University)
Session 4

• Diverse Articles of Inquiry: Episcopal Censure and the Redemption of English Crusaders (Ian Bass, Manchester Metropolitan University)

• Narrative inconsistency in Philippe de Mézières’ accounts of the Alexandria Crusade, 1365 (Timothy Owens, University of St Andrews)
3.30 Roundtable Q&A followed by a Wine Reception

Sponsored by the History Research Centre and the Royal Historical Society

Attendance is free, but if you wish to book a place please contact Dr Jason Roche by 6 Feb 2017