10k tales: James Charnock, Conference and Events Officer

Be part of our #McrMetProud University team in this year’s Great Manchester run. This year, MMU Sport is offering staff and students subsidised entry to take part for just £20. You can find out more in this week’s ManMetLife.

In the run-up to the event, ManMetLife will be speaking to colleagues who will be lacing up their trainers for Europe’s biggest 10km run.



10k tales: James Charnock, Conference & Events Officer james-1-small

Why did you enter the 10k?


I’ve done the 10k a few times in the past. The first time I never EVER thought I’d get round. In fact, I sincerely didn’t think I could run past about 2k.

Though I did walk some sections of that race, and finished in a fairly awful time, just the fact that I’d covered the distance made me totally change the way I felt about running and trying to run.  It was like a barrier had been removed which was more mental than physical (I now realise).

I put managing to get round that first time due almost entirely to the crowd on the day. There is no better set of people to help a terrible runner round than the people who come to support the Manchester 10k. The atmosphere, IS AMAZING.

I also found it utterly inspirational to run with so many people who were in a similar position to me, i.e. not sure if they’d get round, but were trying it in memory of someone, or as part of a cause they believed in, and when you realise that, and look at the sheer volume of people who share that same desire, it is enough to make you FLY, let alone jog / run.

So, I did it again…

I’ve not done it for a few years as I had kids instead, but then when the Manchester Met offer came up, part of me couldn’t resist, and the rest of me just thought it would be ace to see loads of Manchester Met people all supporting each other.

To sign up to this year’s Great Manchester Run 10k alongside Manchester Met staff and students for just £20 go to www2.mmu.ac.uk/great-manchester-run/.